My value extends into each part of the home buying process








d'aprile properties maintains relationships with trusted and local industry professionals including attorneys, contractors, lenders, photographers, interior designers, home stagers, storage, and moving specialists.


Your d'aprile properties agent will connect you with proven experts in the areas you need.

Your agent's goal is to negotiate the best price and terms for you. You can trust your d'aprile properties agent to always protect your best interests and maintain a timely, confidential, and skillful negotiation. Your agent's objectivity and expertise are essential to this process.

Your d'aprile properties agent, using their knowledge of current market trends and data from multiple industry sources, will provide you with comprehensive pricing strategy based on key factors including location, condition, and your individual goals.

The process of buying or selling a home is multifaceted and requires proactive management and thorough attention to detail.


Our agents are experts in all steps of the home sale process. From the preliminary paperwork, to the you  through the transaction. dosing, we will adeptly guide Your agent will be available to answer any and all questions, provide continuous communication, and represent your best interests throughout the transaction.

For both buyers and sellers, emotions on high and that is where a transaction can get sidetracked.


Your d'aprile properties agent is trained to objectively and calmly guide all parties to ensure the transaction has successful outcome.

Our research begins with getting to know you and understanding your individual goals and need d'aprile properties agents an skilled in the areas of reporting with current market data, you and analytics.


Combining this agent will determine and implement the best strategy for your home buying or selling

Our in-house marketing department provides highly polished materials that will get more attention and lead to a faster transaction d'aprile properties agents are trained to utilize all channels including social media, email, print and digital advertising, as well as cross-selling and good old fashioned word of mouth.